Ara is main protagonist of Mamanyiika is teenager girl who discovered that her sister's new doll possessed by evil spirt. Ara lost their mother Gail who accident following arugemnt with her husband and pushed him which left him incapacitated . Arablamed her father for her mother's death while on the grave her sister finds picked up a seemingly-disposed-of doll in a nearby barrow. when the doll moving like human, she determined trow away but Abgiral refused , the doll respond by trying drowned Ara at the family pool which left tramzuied Ara destroyed her little sister's toy caused Abgiral crying and screamed. Abel ask his maid to trowed the doll so he will gave replaced dolls hopeful it will culminated from grief their relationship between father and daughter. But when mother doll seek reveage by killing Yaya, Ara search on net and rember doll's owner named Dorothy Cruz and then she discovered Dorothy Cruz already dead refused let her doll behind. Her husband realaved to Ara that Dorathy become insane after learned she is infertile.

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