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Baso is the 1st episode of Shake Rattle and Roll .


Paolo (Rey "PJ" Abellana), Girlie (Arlene Mulach) and Johnny (Joel Torre) decide to perform a spirit of the glass in an abandoned house. When they contact the spirits; namely Isabel, Ibarra and Juanito, the spirits break free from the glass and possess the teens. In the Spanish era, Isabel is the daughter of Soledad (Rosemarie Gil) and Antonio (Tony Carrion). She loves Juanito, a soldier who was battling against the Spaniards, but has to love her suitor Ibarra, a handsome and wealthy man and Juanito's companion. When Juanito began to leave for battle, Isabel awaits for his return. The next day, one of Juanito's companions report to Isabel that Juanito died from the battle with the Spaniards. Devastated by his loss, Isabel decide her engagement with Ibarra. After Isabel and Ibarra celebrate their marriage, they were attacked by Juanito, who was revealed to be alive and was mad when he discovered of her betrayal but Ibarra kills him. Before his last breath, he will have revenge on Ibarra and Isabel for their betrayal to him. Moments after his death, Ibarra commits suicide after being guilty of the death of Juanito, who haunts him and Isabel died from her sickness due to excessive depression. Their spirits haunts the abandoned house and began to reenact their past. Back the present, Paolo and Johnny, who were still possessed by Ibarra and Juanito, began to fight each other but the caretaker Mang Castor saves them and Girlie by warding off the spirits from their bodies. The teens were back to normal but Johnny was repossessed by Juanito's spirit and stabs Paolo with an axe. With his last ounce of strength, Paolo grabs the gun and shoots Johnny as Juanito's spirit was exempted from his body. The boys died from their wounds, in front of the traumatized Girlie.


  • This is the very 1st episode of all the SRR franchise.