Portrayed by Eugene Domingo



Rain Rain Go Away (Shake Rattle And Roll 13)

Cynthia is an aquaphobe and the wife of the factory owner Mar. After their factory was flooded from the typhoon, she began to experience on the happening that was haunting herself when some of her family members began to die from drowning. At the end of the episode Cynthia is chased by the 3 children the one of the children whom they locked up during the wrath of ondoy

Early LifeEdit

Cynthia is Mar's wife she their birthdate was unknown and not featured in the movie.They own a plastic warehouse eventually they got to make another one because of the damages of ondoy in their last factory they recruit children to work for them but they don not let them go home after their day work but instead they lock this children up in a stock room and making sure nobody escapes at night so they do a headcount everytime their works are finish when the ondoy came the children are still trapped and many many minutes later the water increased and beyond of their reach the children got killed and 3 of the children avenge their life to them so they haunt the Gomez Family and killed their family members one by one and drown them. and always there is this old woman who keeps trespassing and disturbing Cynthia just to talk to her. Cynthia was making dinner when no water came out of the faucet after minutes water came out but another burst of water came out of the pipes and the hose opened and burst it to Cynthia after then Mar came seeing Cynthia fainted and scared then Mar asked a question if Cynthia is using Shabu Drugs then Cynthia answered no then she followed Mar looking for nante in the parking lot .Nante is killed in the car by waters going out of nowhere water out of the aircon every hole in the car has been gives water inside then the 3 kids appeared and drowned Nante for 8:30-9:30 then nante died they found nante dead in the car but there was no evidence given by the car that drowned him after then the police arrived and investigated according to them their valuebles were not lost not even a single drop of water was not found after investigating they closed the case then move on. After that Cynthia dreamt of herself inside the stock room where the kids were staying and she saw a floating corpse of nante. After that Cynthia got to work and saw mysterious children drawing with a chalk and sing "Rain Rain Go Away Come again another day little children want to play".Then after she work she slept in their bedroom and dreamt again of another corpse but not nante's instead Mar's corpse and she ended up waking and Mar also woke up and vomited plastic and water .Cynthia went to the Doctor and told if they can still have a baby but the Doctor said that it is hard to make a baby when you have a great age. After many days Cynthia's Tummy got bigger and bigger and results into a baby inside of her. Then Cynthia and Mar once again had their Anniversary and still raining. Cynthia was left home busy organizing their dinner not only preparing dinner but also preparing if possible another flood will attack them. Cynthia asked Dina (Housemaid) to buy batteries and candles. Mar got home went to the elevator but the water flowed into the elevator and made Mar panic the water kept increasing while the 3 kids came for Cynthia, Now the water on the elevator is now out of reach to Mar. While the 3 kids is now attacking Cynthia and made Cynthia run to the elevator and Cynthia begged for mercy while the elevator opened with mar dead now the 3 kids is now gone then Dina came back to the aid of Mar and Cynthia while Cynthia's tummy is aching and there comes out blood. After days Cynthia woke up in the hospital and talked to Marritess and told each other that it's their fault that their family dies then. She talked to the old lady who has been disturbing her she decided to give back the money to Cynthia,But she rejected the offer and gave her the money. Marritess went out and saw the mysterious kids who drawn a sign of the song Rain Rain Go away. Then she saw one of the kids and she saw anger in his eyes Marritess went further and further when a truck of water supplier and hit her she was not drowned but she died with the water. After Cynthia got out of the Hospital she went to the old factory where the children drowned then she brought flowers and scented flowers she prayed over the place then lit the candle after she lit the candle she saw water coming out of the window and she did not try to escape but she willingly offered her life just to give justice not only to the 3 kids but to all of them.