Portrayed by Georgia Ortega



Ang Buwan (Shake Rattle And Roll 6)

Luna Rivas is a college student who has the ability to transform different forms along with a monstrous form during the full moon.


Luna appears in four different forms. At first she appears as a beautiful young adult woman with waist-length black hair presumably symbolizing the full moon. Her second appearance is that of a child symbolizing the waxing moon/first quarter. Her third appearance is that of an old woman symbolizing the waning moon/third quarter. Her last appearance is that of a humanoid monster with wrinkly decaying skin, receding white hair and two huge tusks protruding from her mouth presumably symbolizing the eclipse.


The mysterious Luna Rivas meets the protagonist, Manrey, one evening within campus grounds amidst a growing number of mysterious deaths, all of which are males. It was love at first sight for Manrey. Little did he know that Luna is not only connected to the murders, she is the one committing them. She has the ability to transform into different stages of her maturity much like that of the different forms and cycles of the moon. Her real identity is a moon goddess that gives a trial to mortal men, who depending on whether they are worthy, are either given new life or a gruesome death. All the mysterious deaths are in truth the people who she punished for either being abusive of women or have impure intentions for them. With Manrey as her newest target, she shows him her different forms; from that of a child, to her normal adult woman form, to that of an old lady, and finally she appears to him as the monster responsible for the murders. Manrey, after initially being shocked, cowers in fear, asking her to not hurt him. He then looks at her and realizes she is crying. having fallen deeply in love with Luna, he was able to see past her appearance and still profess his love for her. Having witnessed his pure intentions and his love, she disappears and tells Manrey to meet her in the place where they first met. At the campus grounds early in the morning, she appears to him again in her form when they first met. Manrey professes his love for her once again. Luna congratulates him, stating that the world needs more men like him; men that are capable of loving and respecting women. She states that she is granting him a new life and bids Manrey farewell before vanishing. The movie ends with Manrey thanking Luna for teaching him how to love.