Nieves: The Engkanto Slayer

Shake Rattle and Roll 10, Episode 3


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Nieves: The Engkanto Slayer is the 3rd Episode of SRR X.


Nieves is the town's famous and well-loved Engkanto Slayer. After the tragic loss of her husband Adonis (Mike "Pekto" Nacua), Nieves (Marian Rivera) resigns from her post as Engkanto Slayer. When strange and unexplainable attacks began to strike the whole town, Nieves is forced to resume her job as Engkanto Slayer. She, together with her slayers in training: Junie (Robert Villar) and Kaycee (Jennica Garcia) must team up to save the townsfolk from the murders. But everything begins to turn ugly as Kaysee is revealed to be Acacia (Diana Zubiri), Nieves's rival for Adonis. Soon a confrontation occurred between them that leads to Acacia's death and the restoration of peace at the townsfolk.