Shake, Rattle & Roll!
Shake Rattle and Roll
Directed by
Emmanuel H. Borlaza
Ishmael Bernal
Peque Gallaga
Produced by
Ivo C. Quijano
Mark C. Quijano
Dante G. Virata
Distributed by
Athena Productions

Joel Torre
Rey PJ Abellana
Arlene Muhlach
Janice de Belen
Charito Solis
Herbert Bautista
Irma Alegre
Release Date
December 25, 1984
Running Time
124 minutes
Preceeded by

Scream to death!
—Film tagline

Shake, Rattle & Roll! (also known as Shake, Rattle & Roll 1) is the 1st installment of the film franchise.

Plot Edit

Baso Edit

Three friends decide to perform a spirit of the glass in an abandoned house. Everything was working well until the spirit escapes through the glass and brought the three characters into past. They discovered their identity from the past which leads to a horrifying revelation. Each of them plays a certain role in their previous lives which haunts the rest of them.

Pridyider Edit

Virgie's family just moved into a new home with a mysterious refrigerator. Lorna knows that the refrigerator has a ghost on it. “The victims were attractive females and Virgie has no idea that she will be the next victim. The refrigerator is luring the females that gets near to it, will Virgie manage to stop it or end up dying as well?

Manananggal Edit

Douglas is a teenager in a faraway province. A manananggal is said to live within the vicinity and is out to eat people. He is given the task by his grandmother to kill these creature. Having to found a way to prevent it from rejoining the other half of its body, he must now survive the night to protect his family from the creature's ferocious attacks. This story is one of the most popular and suspenseful episodes of the entire series. Herbert Bautista's role won him the Best Actor award at the 1984 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Cast Edit

Baso Edit

  • Rey "PJ" Abellana as Paolo/Ibarra
  • Joel Torre as Johnny/Juanito
  • Arlene Muhlach as Girlie/Isabel

Pridyider Edit

  • Charito Solis as Lorna
  • William Martinez as Dodong
  • Janice de Belen as Virgie
  • Emily Loren as Nelia
  • Mon Alvir as Max
  • Lito Gruet as Detective Caloy Torres

Manananggal Edit

  • Herbert Bautista as Douglas
  • Irma Alegre as Anita
  • Peewee Quijano as Gio

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Shake, Rattle & Roll film
  • In 2012, a film called "Pridyider" is a remake from the SRR episode "Pridyider". My Faithful Husband: “Hayop ka! Rapist ka!, the film doesn't focuses on Virgie's family.
  • Herbert Bautista was 16 when he was part of the film.
  • Carla Abellena's father "Rey PJ Abellena" was part of this film.
  • The american film"The Refridgerator" is similar to the episode "Pridyider".
  • In the filipino film "Every Breath U Take", there was a scene that Ace is pretending to be an Arabian to Majoy over the phone, says his name is Sheik Rattleroll the original. The name is referenced to first SRR film.
  • The film doesn't have a home media release. It is still unknown when will be the home release of this film.
  • There was a possible restoration for this film.

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