Shake Rattle and Roll 217 is a parody film featured in the sketch comedy "Goin Bulilit". 



A car is out of gasoline. The driver ask his girlfriend to refill the car. However, the gasoline's price is too expensive. The driver and the girlfriend died because of shock.


Clarence Delgado is hungry. He tried to get his waffles on a waffle maker but his hands are suddenly crushed and burned.  He scream because his hands are crushed.


A Young boy is about to fall in line for an MRT ride. However, He screams and died because of a long line.


  • The Characters in every episode are screaming and dying for nothing.
  • They are no monsters included.
  • MRT is a parody episode of LRT from SRR 8.
  • The number 217 referenced the room from Stephen King's novel "The Shining".