Shake Rattle and Roll III
Shake Rattle & Roll 3-91- b&w-sf
Shake Rattle and Roll III
Directed by
Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes
Produced by
Lily Monteverde
Distributed by
Regal Films

Kris Aquino
Janice de Belen
Manilyn Reynes
Release Date
December 25, 1991
Running Time
1 hour

Shake Rattle And Roll 3 is the 3rd installment for the franchise.



Tanya is a mother who is aware that there is something wrong with her house. An evil spirit has entered her home and will take her baby. Can she save her baby before it is taken away


This episode reveals the story of two sisters who no longer has communication towards each other. Unfortunately, Rosalyn just got word that her Ate Rowena died in the province. Rosalyn discovered that Rowena is not dead but corpse. A boy named Tano told her that her sister was brought back to life. It was at the mansion owned by Dr. Redoblado, a cult leader and his wife who worship the devil.


cinema one shake rattle and roll aquarium A sea creature called an Undin who avenge the loss of her eggs by killing groups of people by stepping on the eggs. One by one the group of friends are killed by the mother Undin. she puke dangerous saliva into their bodies. Maloy found another egg and gave the egg to the Undin

Cast And CreditsEdit


  • Cast:
    • Kris Aquino as Tanya
    • Lilia Cuntapay as Yaya
    •  Ogie Alcasid as Chuck
    • Mae Ann Adonis as Virgie
    • Rosemarie Gil as Lydia
    • Mary Joyce Reyes as Baby Jane
    • Eva Ramos as Aida
  • Directors: Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes
  • Writers: Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga


  • Cast:
    • Janice de Belen as Rosalyn
    • Jose Javier Reyes as Principal
    •  Gina Alajar as Rowena 
    • Subas Herrero as Mr. Redoblado
    • Armida Siguion Reyna as Mrs. Redoblado
    • Cris Daluz as Kardo
    • Pen Medina as Father Salazar
    • Inday Badiday as herself
    • Joel Torre as Milton
    • Lucy Quinto as  Madam Sabrina
    •  Christopher Balase as Tano.
  • Directors: Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga
  • Writers: Don Escudero, Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga



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  • This is the 1st Film that has 2 Directors in 3 Episodes
  • This is the 1st film that has it's own theme song "Shake Ratle And Roll" Unlike the others
  • In the 30th Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines 2004 Awards Night (TV Movie), The Footage of this movie was featured.


  • In the scene where Maloy sings "Unchained Melody", Undin's both hands are crushed in the toilet. After Maloy is fixing the bulb, instead of undin's both hands are crushed, only one hand is shown.My Faithful Husband: “Hayop ka! Rapist ka!