Shake Rattle and Roll IV
Shake Rattle and Roll IV
Directed by
Peque Gallaga
Lore Reyes
Produced by
Lily Monteverde
Distributed by
Regal Films

Manilyn Reynes
Aiza Seguerra
Ai-Ai delas Alas
Release Date
December 25, 1992
Running Time
1 hour

Shake, Rattle & Roll 4 is a 4th installment of the franchise.



Jodie is one of many female students who has a crush on Mr. Zerrudo her handsome chemistry teacher. Jodie found out that Mr. Zerrudo became a monster after he drinks a chemical


four children are abducted by a Witawit a creature who lives in the tree. Nikkie rescue the abducted children


The people who live in a crowded slum are all convinced that a Manananggal is responsible for a series of horrific murders. They suspect that their new neighbor Aling Iya is the Manananggal but Teks suspects that the barangay nun is the creature.

Cast And CreditsEdit



  • Cast:
    • Aiza Seguerra as Nikkie
    • Janice de Belen as Yaya Tasing
    • Al Tantay as Rod Mallari
    • Malou De Guzman as Mrs. Mallari
    • Vangie Labalan as Yaya Gi
    • Philip Gamboa as Captain Salvi
    • Romy Romulo as Lieutenant Damaso 
    • Ram Mojica as  Andrew
    • Rene Hinojales as Witawit
    • Rea Xeniana as Sheila 
    • Lady Lee as Bambi
  • Directors: Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga
  • Writers: Peque Gallaga


  • Cast:
  • Directors: Lore Reyes & Peque Gallaga
  • Writer: Peque Gallaga



  • In "Ang Madre", The mananggal was clearly seen as dummy during the mananggal flies towards Teks.
  • In "Ang Guro", Gretch was eaten by Mr. Zerrudo. The mistake here is The wig of the dummy (Gretch) fells off.
  • At the end credits, the song was suddenly cut.


  • This is the 2nd film to be included a manananggal.
  • This is the 1st film to be included a child wonder.

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