Shake Rattle and Roll VII
Directed by
  • Uro Dela Cruz
  • Rico Maria Illarde
  • Richard Somes
Distributed by

Regal Films

Released Date

December 25, 2005

Shake, Rattle & Roll VII (known as Shake Rattle And Roll 2k5) is a 2005 Horror- released in Philippines. This is the seventh installment from its series Shake, Rattle & Roll It is also an official entry in 31st Metro Manila Film Festival.



Written by Joven Tan, is about a fake occultist (Ai Ai delas Alas) who retires from the business of communicating with the dead when her last job goes terribly wrong. But when a wealthy client (Miss Gloria Romero) promises Ai Ai a huge fee to contact Gloria’s dead grandson (Marco Alcaraz), the comedy queen can’t refuse. Together with her assistants-in-crime (Rainier Castillo, Janine Desiderio, and Biboy Ramirez), they take on this last job, only to realize that they may not live to see another day. Yasmien Kurdi also stars as Gloria Romero’s nurse-slave.


Written by Aloy Adlawan, is the second of the three stories. A family which has just moved into a new condo unit is terrorized by a creature lurking in an aquarium left behind by the previous tenants. “Bubble Gang’s” Ogie Alcasid & Ara Mina play the husband & wife whose cozy condo is turned into a domicile of doom by the creature. Child actor Paul Salas plays their son, who unleashes the evil in the fish tank. Sexy comedienne Wilma Doesnt plays the perky domestic helper, while Reggie Curley is the handsome plumber who becomes one of the aquarium’s first victims.

San JoaquinEdit

The residents of a sleepy rural town are alarmed when an attractive woman (Elizabeth Oropesa) turns up one day, attracting all the town’s hot-blooded males. When the men are brutally murdered one by one, the townspeople begin to suspect their new neighbor of being the granddaughter of a famous manananggal from the 1940s. “Lihim…” stars comebacking stars Mark Anthony Fernandez and Tanya Garcia as a newly-wed couple whose bliss is quickly transformed into bloodcurdling horror.




Lihim ng San JoaquinEdit


  • Iza Calzado, Oyo Boy Sotto and Dennis Trillo were initially tapped to be in the cast. However, because of commitments in other film festival entries, they were eventually dropped.
  • Maryo J. De los Reyes was initially tapped to direct one of the segments.
  • There is also an alternate title of SRR 2k5. It's called "Shake Rattle and Roll 7".
  • The title is "Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5" because it would be better than SRR 7.
  • Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5 is the 1st SRR of the new generation of SRR films.

    Alternate Title for Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5

  • This is the 4th film to be included a child wonder.
  • The film is chosen as one of the films in the "Magic 7" for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2005.
  • Maryo J. De Los Reyes was initially tapped to direct one of the segment.
  • This is the directorial debut of Richard Somes.

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