Shake Rattle and Roll XV
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Shake Rattle and Roll XV
Directed by
Dondon Santos
Jerrold Tarog
Percival Intalan
Produced by
Distributed by
Regal Films

Erich Gonzales
JC De Vera
Dennis Trillo
Carla Abellana
Lovi Poe
Matteo Guidicelli
Khalil Ramos
John Lapus
Melai Cantiveros
Jason Francisco
Kim Atienza
IC Mendoza
Daniel Matsunaga
Ria Garcia
Nathalie Hart
Ariel Rivera
Chanda Romero
Arlene Mulach
Yael Yuzon
John Spainhour
Betong Sumaya
Gee Canlas
Kryshee Grengia
Ken Alfonso
Release Date
December 25, 2014
Running Time
103 minutes
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Shake, Rattle & Roll XV is a 2014 Filipino horror anthology film and the final installment of the franchise directed by Dondon Santos, Jerrold Tarog, and Perci Intalan. The film stars an ensemble cast including Erich Gonzales, JC de Vera, Carla Abellana, Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, and Matteo Guidicelli.

The film was produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. The film is an official entry in the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival and was released on December 25, 2014 in Philippine cinemas nationwide. It is the most expensive installment in the Shake, Rattle & Roll film series,[1] although the film's co-producer Lily Monteverde stated she doesn't want to reveal its exact budget yet.[2]



Troy's wife Julie (Solenn Heusaff) was locked at Alegria Mall's department store dressing room and is killed after a snake man killed her. Troy (JC de Vera) suddenly wakes up after a bad dream about the death of his wife.

Fashion designer Iggy Moda (John Lapus) is planning to organize an event culminating Alegria Mall's Silver Anniversary. To make the mall's anniversary very special, Iggy conceptualizes fashion collection and mall's new logo, but at the same time, thinks of reviving the rumors about Alegria Mall's alleged half-human half-snake lurking somewhere deep in the mall which has been the reason of the disappearances of some shoppers. Sarah (Erich Gonzales), the half-human half snake, looks out in the vent and sees Troy, in which she fell in love and obsessed with. Along with the mall's 25th Anniversary is also Sandra Alegria's (Erich Gonzales) 25th birthday. Coming back from the United States, she welcomes the new members as part of the mall company's board of officers and as the head of the company. Sandra also denies the rumors circulating between her and her alleged twin snake sister.

A shoplifter (Melai Cantiveros) is planning to steal some clothes and items from the mall's department store by wearing multiple shirts. After she was finished, she hears trembling sounds in the dressing room and discovers a chamber. She is then killed by Sarah. After she killed the shoplifter, she told her evil self that she met someone named Troy, but her evil self insists she will never be loved by someone because of her appearance as a snake. Troy strolls around the mall while still grieving and finding answers to his wife's disappearance. Until he finds himself in front of the department store where he last saw his wife. He tries to open the dressing room door where his wife last went to, but is stopped by the saleslady who locked the shoplifter earlier inside.

Meanwhile, security guards and staffs check the premises as the mall closes. Janitor Mang Banjo (Lou Veloso) takes his cleaning rounds to Sarah's chamber and is nervously cleaning the mess carefully without making any noise. Sarah calls him as he tries to retreat to the elevator. Mang Banjo carefully communicates with Sarah to avoid making her angry. But Sarah gets furious when she was offended by Mang Banjo's words. Sarah turned the old man around in front of her to make him face her and the old man hurriedly get to the lift. Unfortunately, Sarah escaped and the old man realized it was a trick. Mang Banjo immediately called the twin's father, Alberto (Ariel Rivera), for help. Alberto prepares his gun to meet Sarah. Meanwhile, Jake (Jason Francisco) sees Sarah in the dark in the department store, wearing a dress, but is recognized at first as Sandra. He runs away as he saw Sarah transformed in a form of a snake, but is killed when Sarah had cornered him.

Alberto talks to Sandra about Sarah's escape from her chamber. Then he later told her he just wanted to have a good luck, an old witch doctor handed over to him a vial containing a medicine which can bring good luck to the business. Their mother, Lourdes (Alice Dixson), get involved in Alberto's plans to make luck, and she gave birth to Sarah and her, in which their mother cannot Sarah and that she was a curse. Alberto kept Sarah underneath the mall, in which he believes she can bring good luck to the family and the business. Sarah was fed at first with animals, until she tasted human blood when a construction worker fell down from the mall's basement down to the chamber. Sandra remembers visiting Sarah ever since their childhood until they said their goodbyes to each other. Alberto then plans to kill Sarah once and for all in order to make the problem stop. Meanwhile, Troy returns to his house and gets a knife, plotting revenge to kill Sarah before going back to the mall.

Back at the mall, Iggy officially unveiled his masterpiece, a statue resembling the alleged half-human half snake as part of the anniversary. Alberto arrives and orders Iggy to remove the image for it destroys the mall's reputation. Alberto, Sandra and Mang Banjo hurriedly came back to the chamber, hoping to stop Sarah from her evil plans. Sarah showed up and was glad that Alberto came back to introduce her to everyone and to Troy. Coincidentally, Troy luckily enters the secret dressing room and finds the secret chamber. Meanwhile, Alberto argues with Sarah and that he despises her. Sandra shows up and was surprised when she reunited with Sarah. Alberto and Sandra continues to argue with her, telling her that she had caused chaos and she needs to stop. Sarah enrages when she realized she is not part of the plan, and that Alberto became selfish to her. Alberto brings out his gun and shoots Sarah as she transform into a snake, but was captured when Sarah trapped him. He is killed when Sarah throw him and hit his head onto a bathtub.

Grabbing the chance, Troy stabbed Sarah in the back and felt enraged. Sandra, Troy and Mang Banjo hurriedly escape the chamber before Sarah could escape. The trio warned Iggy and the members to leave the mall before they seek shelter in a hardware store to get firearms to kill Sarah. Sandra felt heartbroken when she learned Troy had a lover before her, which was his wife. Still, Troy continued to vengeance on Sarah. Sandra find Sarah enviously lurking and reunites with her, pleading for her. Troy attacks Sarah but knocks him down. Sarah eats Troy but Troy succeeds in killing her in the process, leaving Sandra heartbroken and guilty.


Cold couple, Aimee and Henry moves to their Ama Choleng's mansion after she dies. They meet the caretaker of the house, Aling Lina. Aimee and Henry are fed by Lina, food. While eating, Aimee accidentally chews a lizard's tail while eating the food. Disgusted by this, they all dismissed one another and proceeds to their bedroom. Each time they eat every meal Lina serves, they are being transformed from normal human beings, to animals (based on their Zodiac sign) and sets a full wage war in their household.

Flight 666Edit

Dave (Matteo Guidicelli) boards Manila Air Flight 666, traveling from Manila to Zamboanga. On board are two vloggers and members of a famous band Eli (Yael Yuzon) and Gino (Khalil Ramos) flying home to do a gig in the province and their fans, friends Adam (IC Mendoza) and Lovely (Kiray Celis) who coincidentally boarded the flight with Gino, her idolized celebrity, celebrity vlogger and television show host Tim (Kim Atienza), socialite father and son Macoy (Bentong) and Macky (Betong Sumaya), fired baggage handling supervisor Carlos, and Jane (Ria Garcia), who is pregnant, along with her grandmother Lola Juling (Lui Manansala). Also on the flight are socialite Connie (Joy Viado) and married couple Brandon (John Spainhour) and Miranda (Arlene Muhlach), all of who are seated at the first class cabin. Passengers are welcomed by flight attendant Bryan (Daniel Matsunaga) and are accomodated by co-flight attendants Pamela (Nathalie Hart) and Karen (Lovi Poe). Karen suddenly bumps into Dave, who was her ex-boyfriend, apologizes to Dave of what happened to both of them in the past, but Dave ignores her apology.

While the plane takes off, Lola Juling insists Jane to pretend that she fell in love with a foreigner volunteer as soon as they get their way home, which later turned out that she fell in love with a creature and is the father of their baby "tiyanak". After the plane reached its cruising altitude, Carlos instigates a hijacking, interrogating the crew in the flight deck why the airline company laid off some employees as part of the company's cost-cutting strategy and demands the airline to wire money to an account to form compensation for the airline's laid off employees. Connie overhears the chaos and hides in one of the lavatories only to find the couple doing a mile high club, whom she urges to calm down and stop their acts out of fear of being killed. Meanwhile, Jane gives birth to her baby creature and suddenly passes out along with the baby. The plane suddenly went into a short turbulence and faints almost everyone on board, except for Lola Juling, who dies in the process. Unknown to them, the creature lurks out and scratches some of the passengers. Karen later overhears a conversation between Carlos and Pamela, which she realizes Pamela helps in making Carlos' plans succeed.

In the lavatory, Miranda fights with Connie until the tiyanak comes out of nowhere and kills Brandon, Connie and Miranda in the process and soon attacks the rest of the passengers on board one by one, including Pamela, Eli, Macoy and Macky and another passenger (Sue Prado). The remaining passengers seek safety, except for Adam. Capt. Robert Francisco (Rolando Inocencio) tasked Bryan and Officer Charlie (Ken Alfonso) to check on the situation on board. Meanwhile, Adam is killed and hanged by the creature's umbilical cord while Carlos fights himself with the creature with a gun and is killed by the baby creature. The creature attacks the flight deck and strangles the pilot. Karen, Bryan, Dave and the remaining passengers make a plan to safety as Tim and Bryan fly the plane after losing the pilots. Gino and Lovely discovers a bomb underneath the seats which is ready to detonate. On the contrary, Karen finds the child on the floor and picks it up, while Dave throws it away from her before it transforms again into a tiyanak. Karen, Dave, Gino and Lovely runs out to safety, but the creature traps Karen and Dave. Coincidentally, Iggy wakes up and is attacked by the creature.

After the flight lands safely, the creature attacks again and kills Lovely. Karen, Dave, Gino, Tim and Bryan escapes the plane as the bomb planted by the hijacker explodes, killing the creature. As the survivors tell the tale to the authorities, Karen and Dave walk away together as the father of the creature vengefully appears behind them in the distance. After the credits, Iggy is shown to have survived the explosion.



  • Erich Gonzales as Sandra/Sarah
  • JC De Vera as Troy
  • John Lapus as Iggy Moda
  • Ariel Rivera as Alberto
  • Alice Dixson as Lourdes
  • Giselle Canlas as Jinny
  • Jason Francisco as Jake
  • Melai Cantiveros as Julie


  • Dennis Trillo as Henry
  • Carla Abellana as Aimee
  • Chanda Romero as Aling Lina
  • John Lapus as Iggy
  • Perla Bautista as Amah Choleng
  • Kryshee Frencheska Grengria as Julie

Flight 666Edit

Awards / Nominations

Best Sound Engineer  : Von De Guzman & Jerrold Tarog (Ulam) , Nominated (But Von De Guzman, was also nominated for Bonifacio, and eventually wins

eventually wins)

Best Editing  : Shake Rattle & Roll XV (Ulam) , Nominated

Best Visual Effects  : Imaginary Friends (Ahas) , Nominated

Best Actress  : Erich Gonzales (Ahas) , Nominated

Best Actress  : Carla Abellana (Ulam)

Best Actor  : Dennis Trillo (Ulam) , Nominated

Best Supporting Actress  : Chanda Romero (Ulam) , Nominated

Best Supporting Actor  : John Lapuz (Ahas, Ulam, Flight 666) , Nominated

Best Director  : Jerrold Tarog (Ulam) , Nominated

Best Cinematography  : Shake Rattle and Roll XV (Ulam) , Nominated

Best Make-Up  : Shake Rattle & Roll XV (Ulam, Ahas) , Nominated



  • This is the second SRR film that has an episode which is based on an urban legend.
  • This is the second SRR film that released 2 years later after the previous SRR film.
  • This is the second SRR film where the setting is a vehicle.
  • This is the first SRR film and this is the first film in the Philippine History that uses real airplane to shoot a movie.
  • This is the second film that features a character that appears in every episode. The first one is Madam Ceres which is in Shake Rattle and Roll V
  • Kim Atienza's first appearance SRR film along with Khalil Ramos, Kiray Celis, Yael Yuzon, John Spainhour, Betong Sumaya, Bernard Palanca, Jason Francisco, Melai Cantiveros, Gee Canlas, Chanda Romero, Kryshee Grendia, Nathalie Hart, Ken Alfonso, Ria Garcia and Matteo Guidacelli.
  • This is the second SRR film is green tinted. First one is Shake Rattle and Roll 14.
  • This is the 9th SRR film that uses roman numericals for the number after the title.
  • This is the first SRR film that uses Chinese Zodiac as a major plot in a segment.
  • This is the third SRR film that uses Christmas songs in the trailer. The first one is Shake Rattle and Roll 8.
  • This is the second SRR film that uses the song "Silent Night" during the intro of the film's trailer.
  • This is Erich Gonzales' second appearance in the franchise, first was in SRR X "Class Picture" episode.
  • Erich Gonzales, was coincidentally the new endorser of Robinsons Mall when she portrayed the role of the twin snakes of Alegria/Robinsons.
  • Maja Salvador (Also an endorser of Robinsons) was considered for the role of Sandra and Sarah but was replaced by Erich.
  • Shake Rattle and Roll XV is the SRR Installment with the most nominations, having 10 nominations over 18 categories. And also, the 2nd Metro Manila Film Festival Entry, with the most nominations. But unfortunately, no wins.
  • Shake Rattle and Roll XV is the first SRR installment with all episodes, having a nomination (Ahas - 4 nominations, Ulam - 9 nominations, Flight 666 - 1 nomination)
  • Shake Rattle and Roll XV is also the most succesful SRR. Being successful in Box-Office and Awards.

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