Portrayed by Louise delos Reyes

Deceased (Reincarnated)


Parola (Shake Rattle And Roll 13)

Shane was the character in the episode Parola in Shake Rattle and Roll 13. She and her best friend Lucy entered the lighthouse.The two spirits followed Shane and her BFF Lucy after they fallen at the lighthouse.The next day they woke up in the hospital and survived without scatches not a single scratch is not found even blood.Shane got worried about her BFF Lucy on the incident.After many days they came back to school but.Bryan have notice many weird things on how they survived.Lucy got mad at Shane when she noticed that Shane's mother is hitting on Lucy's Father their rivalry got worse when suddenly the two witches already possesed the two girls and used their bodies to finish what Rowana and Cornerlia started.After many days Lucy got mad at Shane's Family especially Shane because Shane is the one who caused annuarism on Norman.After that Lucy got into their house and Attacked Shane's Mother.After Shane got out of the cab she went on her porch and called her mother after suddenly her mother fell at their lawn she found her shaking with fear wounds from broken glasses and somehow maybe traumatized after that she came on her mother's aid when Lucy suddenly appeared and said "Mamatay Kayong lahat" (You will all die!) So shane injured her severely after that she attracted a rock to attempt to kill lucy but Lucy's mother came and saved her life by hitting her with a stick Lucy's Mother came to lucy's aid when suddenly they shaked and transported to the lighthouse shane waked up on the hall when Rowana's soul possesed her before shane attempts to escape they fought at the lighthouse shane made lucy's eyes bleed after that they fought at the other side of the lighthouse when they apologized to each other so after that a big explosion hit the lighthouse and made the girls fall and died

The next six months, she was reincarnated with Lucy as babies in her mother's womb