Portrayed by Jennica Garcia
  • Archie(childhood friend)
  • Ryan(boyfriend)
  • Chari(best friend)



Lamanglupa (Shake Rattle And Roll 11)

Sheila was the character in the episode Lamanglupa in Shake, Rattle and Roll 11. She is the only survivor after her friends were killed by the lamanglupa and was later interrogated by a policeman and a social worker on the incident after telling her stories about the incident she experienced stomachache then after a few minutes later a lamanglupa came out from her stomach.Because of the lamanglupa that came out from her body the race of the lamanglupa got stronger.After that she is killed due to the hole that is created on her body.The social worker and police officer is either Intensively injured or eaten by the lamanglupa.

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